A.   L I N D A   V A N W Y K    Mixed Media Artist  

A r t i s t P r o f i le & P r o c e s s:






I express ideas using painted pieces of paper. I have studied and used various media over the years but it is the art of collage that intrigues me the most. My creative process begins with painting the paper. I have an affinity for color and pattern. My collage paper designs are prepared by direct painting with acrylic paint and ink, applying printmaking techniques including carved stamp block printing, the use of stencils and drawing text and other forms. Various Japanese and other papers are painted to achieve multiple textures, tones, lines and patterns. When applying the paper to the painting support, I continuously explore how patterns relate to one another and how each piece of paper is organized on the painting surface to support my original color choices and design ideas. 

I am currently exploring the use of textiles in my collages as well as continuing the use of oil paint and cold wax in my non-objective paintings.

I am a contemporary mixed media artist and have exhibited in several juried exhibits as well as group shows within the Greater Toronto Area. 




                     Rainforest (Mixed Media)